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In life, it’s not just enough to know you have hidden potentials. The greatest handicap you can have is not realizing your hidden potentials. Hidden potentials need to be discovered in order to be used, but how? Through challenges, obstacles and difficulties. They don’t come in life to destroy you, but to get your adrenaline pumping and make you ultimately do the things which you positively thought you could never do. You are in life for a purpose, part of which entails your growth to become a mountain and only overcoming challenges, obstacles and difficulties can make you grow. Realizing those hidden potentials of yours is the cutting edge you need to overcome; it has the propensity to catapult you to the mountain-top. Discover your hidden powers; realize your hidden potentials. Remember: Realizing your potentials is like mining; you have to discover it before it becomes of valuable use to you.

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