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The highly unstable economic conditions in Nigeria have been a major source of concern among economist and policy makers in recent time. The growth  in  Nigeria  economy  has  been  described  as an exclusive  growth  which  is  worrisome  and  calls  for concern as the per capita income is low while unemployment and  inflation  rates  are  high.This research work sets out to examine the relationship that exists between inflation,  unemployment and the economic growth of Nigeria. From the research work, we discovered that unemployment and inflation through the use of the instruments of investments, exchange rate, Government expenditure and money supply could be controlled to achieve economic stabilization. This work also viewed the different types of unemployment well distinguished by economist they include cyclical or Keynesian unemployment, frictional unemployment, structural unemployment  and  classical  unemployment.  Some  additional  types  of unemployment  that  are  occasionally  mentioned  are  seasonal  unemployment,  hardcore unemployment, and hidden unemployment. This work also focused on the types of inflation the world currently face that is Cost-push inflation and demand-pull inflation. This research work consist of a dependent variable in its hypothesis and some independent variables to explain the effects of unemployment and inflation on economic growth, the Johansen co-integration test and a vector error correction method (VECM) will be employed to carry out an investigation on the subject matter to derive the significance of the independent variable on the dependent variable. A data covering the duration of 36 years (1980 – 2016) was introduced in the model, the result was established, interpreted and conclusion was drown with recommendation.