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The primary aim of this project is to examine the Problems of Teaching and Learning of Spoken English in selected secondary schools in Atiba Local Government area of Oyo State. Specifically, the study sought to determine what really caused the problems to the most widely used medium of English Language (spoken) as well as factors that were responsible for such problems. The instrument used for this research was questionnaire on the performance of students in spoken English developed by the researcher and modified by her supervisor. This questionnaire is divided into three sections which includes Section A that contains items devoted to the general background information about the school and section B which seeks for information on the magnitude of the class and the corresponding students’ academic performance for senior secondary certificate examination while section contains interview to teachers and principals of selected schools which is aimed at gathering information on students performance. Also, one hundred and twenty (120) teachers and students were randomly selected from secondary schools selected in Atiba Local Government area of Oyo State which includes Community Secondary School, Oke-Olola, Oyo, Alaafin High School, Oyo, Isale Oyo Community Grammar School, Ambassador Private School, Oyo and the method used in this study involves library research and field work. The library research entails gathering of relevant literature from which a hypothesis is formulated. Finally, the causes of these problems includes non availability of instructional materials, ill equipped libraries, lack of English language teachers and lack of conducive teaching environment. If these limitations exist in a teaching and learning condition the aim of Education will be defeated. However, the following recommendations were suggested that the problems of teaching and learning of spoken English can be overcome, if the government post only qualified English teachers evenly to all secondary schools both at rural and urban centres, equipped language laboratories and instructional materials for Oral English teaching provided adequate in all secondary schools. Moreso, the authority of each school should equip their school library with oral English textbooks and students should be encouraged on the use of school library.