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One of the growing areas of major concern to management in recent times is the relationship between business and government. Business and government by far remain the most influential institutions that shape the economy of any nation, affecting both individuals and groups in diverse ways. According to Agulana (2012), government intervenes between business and its customers, between business and its employees, between business and the general public, between business and its shareholders, and between business and business. Agulana also opined that government regulates business in space, on the land, in the air and in the sea, and further argued that the relationship between government and business is a two way affair and not one way. Many government policies are incubated and induced by business. Government needs business to achieve many of its policy goals such as economic growth and employment generation. Akanwa and Agu (2011) define business as the creation, procurement or provision of desired goods and services at the right time, right quantity and in the right forms to satisfy the needs and wants of customers.  The relationship between government and business can be viewed as complimentary in building a nation that is politically and economically independent. Government acts as a supreme authority, providing the necessary support and enabling environment. The supreme authority of government with its legislative and control functions over all activities and institutions in the state provide another pattern of relationship (adversary relationship) between government and business. Thus, government sometimes sees the actions of business as adversary and unethical and therefore enacts law and designs rules to check and control   business activities Drucker (1999).