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Energy is a basic necessity for the economic development of a nation. There are different forms of energy, but the most important form is the electrical energy. A modern and civilized society is so much dependent on the use of electrical energy. Activities relating to the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy have to be given the highest priority in the national planning process of any nation because of the importance of electrical energy to the economic and social development of the society. In fact, the greater the per capital consumption of electrical energy in a country, the higher the standard of living of its people. Therefore, the advancement of a country is measured in terms of its per capital consumption of electrical energy. Power plants’ planning in a way to meet the power network load demand is one of the most important and essential issues in power systems. Since transmission lines connect generating plants and substations in power network, the analysis, computation and reduction of transmission losses in these power networks are of great concern to engineers. a lot of research works have been carried out on the above listed aspects Electrical energy is the most important form of energy in the present world. it is an energy that drives the economy of any society or country and makes the common citizen happy. Electricity that is been generated from the power station, needs to be transmitted to the end users, through transmission and distribution lines. This transmitted energy is not without losses.