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The global community in this information age, no longer see computers as tools for fast processing rather as a medium for processing and transferring such information from one location to another at equal rate. Information Technology and its application is affecting every aspect of the human life. Long before now, information is handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth; and this poses numerous challenges. Game culture in the same light, is handed down from adult to children following this norm. However, giant database and information systems have been designed to store large number of information over a long period of time, with a regular information update. This work focused on creating a game database dictionary that will store information about different forms of games played in Nigeria, and to enable individual’s access this information and learn about a particular game. This work resulted in the design and implementation of a game dictionary database system that will run on personal computers without an extra cost. In the course of this research the Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology (OOADM) was adopted as the analysis of the system. The tools used for the developmentincludes, the Visual Studio 2010 running on .NET framework 4.0. Visual Basic.Net was used as the programming language. Microsoft Access Database was used as the database management system.