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 Electricity generation is the first process in the delivery of electricity to consumers. The other processes are electric power transmission and electricity distribution. The importance of dependable electricity generation was revealed when it became apparent that electricity was useful for providing heat, light and power for human needs. Electricity has been generated for the purpose of powering human technologies for at least 120 years from various sources of energy. The first power plants were run on wood, while today, we rely mainly on petroleum, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power and a small amount of hydrogen, solar energy, tidal harness, wind generators and geothermal sources. In solar energy, sun has been worshipped as life-giver to our planet since ancient times. The energy supply from the sun is truly enormous on average’s the Earth’s surface receives about 1.2 x 1017W of solar power. This means that in less than one hour enough energy is supplied to the Earth to satisfy the entire energy demand of the human population over the whole year. Indeed, it is the energy of sunlight assimilated by biological organisms over millions of years that has made possible the industrial growth as we know it today. Most of the other renewable means of power generation also depend on the sun as the primary source: hydroelectric, wind and wave power all have the same origin. Energy source such as photovoltaic are needed to help reduce the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and alleviate this global warming. Photovoltaic power generation is reliable, involve no moving parts, and the operation and maintenance costs are very low. The operation of a photovoltaic system is silent, and creates no atmospheric pollution. Photovoltaic systems are modular and can be quickly installed. Power can be generated where it is required without the need for transmission lines. Due to the erratic power supply in the country, which is becoming unbearable each day with its effect on the business and energy, solar cell powered inverter can be used as substitute where there is need for constant supply of power. Thus, the present was undertaken to use solar cell as source of charger to the accumulator powering an inverter and to use the inverter as A.C power source for domestic appliances.