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Domestic waste is the waste generated as consequence of household activities such as the cleaning, cooking, repairing empty container, packaging, huge use of plastic carry bags. Humanity has always produced waste that included not only the discarded bones of animals slaughtered for food, hundreds of stone axes found in Olduvia, or the stinking cesspits and hidden heaps of Medieval Europe but the momentous increase in waste that characterizes contemporary society, dating from the industrial revolution  Waste is more easily recognized than defined. Something can become waste when it is no longer useful to the owner or it is used and fails to fulfill its purpose. A great mixture of substances including fine dust, cinder, metal, glass, paper and cardboard, textiles, putrescible vegetable materials and plastic characterize solid waste. 

In Nigeria, the problem of solid waste management (SWM) has been a concern which has existed for long in many big Nigerian cities such as in Onitsha, Lagos and other state etc. ( Gobo, 2004). The management of solid waste is today one of the important obligatory functions of the Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the entire country. However, this very important.