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Children are special link between the present and future generation, they are a pride of every parent. Childhood is a stage, every child goes through in life, where they are generally regarded as not able to make serious decisions, and legally must always be under the care of a responsible adult. According to Orazen (2003) childhood is a phase of life when a child is free from all tension, fun-loving, plays and learns new things. From researcher’s observation, not all children go through the beautiful stage of childhood; most children went through this period in full tension and burden, made to work to help in maintaining their families. This is called child labor. Child labor is a complex phenomenon, mostly common in rural areas of African. According to Ehiemere (2000), child labour constituted street hawking, farm work and domestic chores such as taking care of babies, fetching water and firewood, preparing and cooking food, individual cleanliness and washing. It is evident from most of the research that child’s labour age usually affect under fifteen to eighteen years of age and this has a great link in affecting the performance of a child academically.  Due to this, the study is focused on ascertaining the impact of child labor on school attendance and academic performance.