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Social media has brought to reality the Global Village as was predicted by Marshal Mcluhan in 1964. People in this 21st Century increasingly get to know more about others who are far away from them. Secondary school students are not left out in being part of the global village that was aided by the new media. Students in the secondary schools are becoming engrossed with social networking sites as it is currently becoming the order of the day. With modern technology in this jet age, it is no longer necessary to own a laptop or computer to have access to social media because such applications have been migrated to mobile phones which have access to the internet with a click and affordable plans to browse comfortably. These have made it easier for secondary school students to use the social media. Social median network has changed the information world with regard to sharing, speed, storage and retrieval of information in whatever form regardless of the person’s location. Through the Internet a number of web technologies emerged, and one technology that is making waves with regard to information sharing and communication are the social media networks. The evolution of social media has cut across all facets of society with its positive and negative impacts. Social media has transformed and impacted on communication, learning, research and education in general. Among the vast variety of online tools which are available for communication, social networking sites (SNS) have become the most modern and attractive tools for connecting people throughout the world (Aghazamani, 2010).