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Imagine your presence in a seminar room trying to present or rather defend your research work in a well-organized manner, and your lecturers and colleagues just can’t stop giving you kudos due to the level of your performance. Anyway this is the dream of every student which can actually be put to reality. To actualize this dream as a student, you need more of hard work and a critical study of your project work. If you can be able to apply some of the tips stated in this article, you can avoid errors in your defense.

In universities there is no how you can be a graduate without carrying out a research work and also defending the work after submission. Every Field of course has its own area of research and the researcher/student is expected to defend his or her work extensively the defense panel. The panel usually consist of the chairman, professors, Senior Lecturers and students. Also, note that your level of relationship with your supervisor have a great impact on your work and your defense. Please have that in your mind.

Many Institutions encourage their students to always prepare power points for their works which can make their defense easier when facing the panel. The world of research is seriously transforming every day from the old form of research to new digital form of research. It is expected that every student in this present dispensation must be acquainted with the basic Microsoft office tools which are very necessary and essential in carrying out an effective research work and making a good presentation.

However, in a nut shell I will be giving out some useful tips on how you can prepare yourself for a powerful project defense and presentation. You have to prepare yourself before the defense day and on your defense day.


Firstly, you are expected to go through your project work at least three consecutive times to be able to memorize your project topic and the content of your work.

Secondly, you need to work on your PowerPoint early enough by drafting out the main points you will like to talk about on the defense day. The PowerPoint must be arranged properly based on your school format system of presentation.

Thirdly, try to memorize those key points you already drafted out so that your work will look convincing at the panel. Also endeavor to get more facts on your work so that you won’t be thrown off balance during your presentation.

Finally, you actually do a semi-defense test in front of your friends and some professionals who can criticize your work just to test your readiness and comfort for the D-day.


This day usually comes with lots of tension and at same time makes a lot of students forget most things they have Learnt or rehearsed.

First, give yourself a break for about 1hour to calm your nerves and brain before stepping into defense arena.

Secondly, try to refresh and visualize your key points with yourself to enable you to flow efficiently as soon as the defense starts. Never you allow fear of the panel make you forget your essential points like, the title of your project research topic, research questions, research objective, statement of problem, research hypothesis. Literature reviews, methodology of research, results and analysis, summary, conclusions and recommendation etc. You must know these points before entering the defense hall.

Thirdly, remember that your appearance, code of conduct and mode of greeting on that day is very necessary. When you are fired any question from your work, relax your mind to answer it correctly I confidence. Avoid dragging your work with any lecturer most especially when you are being given corrections to make. As a student, you ought to accept every single correction given to you and be able to effect the corrections in your work as soon as possible before your final submission to the department.

With these short tips discussed above, I believe you will be able to get yourself prepared for any type of project defense, seminars or reports of any kind.

Written by

Dr Onyinye Eze

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