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1. Don’t post a guy’s or lady’s picture or let anyone post yours on social media “in the name of love”, unless it’s a pre-wedding pix or you are married.
Social media is the village of today.
It may complicate your profile in the future.

Somethings and people should not appear on your life’s timeline.

2. Don’t join any association that has nothing to do with your future.
It may pile up unwanted friends, unnecessary ideologies and embarrassments that may hunt you tomorrow.

3. Don’t sign a document that has anything to do with money, without legal counsel.
It may keep you in court later in life.

4. Don’t say your parents are failures. Even if you think so, don’t say so.
Wait first, till then.
It may make you live in apologies.

5. Never fail to make friends with or join those making impacts positively, even if they are criticized.
Be part of the envied, not the envious.
It may make you live in wishes,
Or make you lack great friends,
Or not be a part of success stories.

6. Don’t be in haste to build finalities on doctrinal matters.
Just be a good committed follower and grow well.
It may make you a young Pharisee.

7. Don’t marry!
If you are the only one sure you are right.
Seek confirmation.
If love is blind, everybody is not.
It may leave you fantasizing on the beauty of singlehood.

8. Don’t promise marriage!
If you are not ready.
It may build you an empire of EXs that out-number your age.

9. Don’t wish more than you act.
It may make you a High BP patient too early.

10. Don’t insist on going to University, if JAMB is not giving you admission.
Start somewhere.
It may make you a graduate later, but above required age for employment.

11. Don’t be a loner.
You are either proud or judgmental, if no one around you worth your association.
It may make you end up without good old friends and helpers.

12. Don’t join any association you cannot leave freely.
You may end up in a cult.
You may live in regrets, when you are later separated to face life alone or finally repent.

13. Don’t pampare secret addiction.
Cry out!
It may end up destroying you, before you decide to change.

14. Never display your nakedness publicly.
Especially on social media.
It may be saved or viewed where decency is required for your promotion or attestation later.

15. Don’t gossip!
It will make you unhappy.

16. Don’t envy!
It may make you a witch.

17. Don’t take a covenant or an oath secretly.
It complicates life.

18. Don’t ignore genuine source of money.
It makes life tougher unnecessarily, and wastes life’s time.

19. Don’t fail to fast and pray, even for nothing.
It may pile up battles you don’t understand.

20. Don’t conclude on yourself yet nor spend five minutes sharing “those days” stories.
It may make you too old early.

21. Don’t master telling lies.
It makes life stressful, especially trying to remember what you’ve said.

22. Never run away from home!
It may make you spend the rest of your life explaining why.

23. Don’t stop reading books, even if you don’t understand.
It may keep you outdated.

24. Don’t fail to understand levels.
Know who pass you.
Know who is your mate.
Know who is looking up to you.
Negligence of these fills life with unfulfillment and complications.

25. Don’t be in haste to say these things are not correct, till you are 25.

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– Steve Onaji | Stones of Wisdom

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